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Renderable2DGlyph Class Reference

#include <renderableglyph.h>

Public Member Functions

 Renderable2DGlyph (nap::Core &core)
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 RenderableGlyph (nap::Core &core)
virtual ~RenderableGlyph () override
const glm::ivec2 & getSize () const
const glm::ivec2 & getBearing () const
int getWidth () const
int getHeight () const
int getOffsetLeft () const
int getOffsetTop () const
const Texture2DgetTexture () const
Texture2DgetTexture ()
int getHorizontalAdvance () const
int getVerticalAdvance () const
bool empty () const
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virtual ~IGlyphRepresentation ()
 IGlyphRepresentation (nap::Core &core)
 IGlyphRepresentation (const IGlyphRepresentation &other)=delete
IGlyphRepresentationoperator= (const IGlyphRepresentation &)=delete
 IGlyphRepresentation (IGlyphRepresentation &&other)=delete
IGlyphRepresentationoperator= (IGlyphRepresentation &&other)=delete

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool onInit (const Glyph &glyph, utility::ErrorState &errorCode) override
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virtual bool setup (const Glyph &glyph, bool generateMipmaps, utility::ErrorState &errorCode)
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bool init (const Glyph &glyph, utility::ErrorState &error)

Additional Inherited Members

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 Handle to core instance. More...


Represents a symbol (character) in a font that can be rendered. The glyph is rendered to a 2DTexture and has no mipmaps. Use this glyph representation when the text does not scale.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Renderable2DGlyph()

Member Function Documentation

◆ onInit()

virtual bool onInit ( const Glyph glyph,
utility::ErrorState errorCode 

Initializes the 2DTexture after construction of this glyph. First it converts the free-type glyph into a bitmap. This bitmap is uploaded to the GPU.

if the 2DTexture has been initialized correctly.

Implements IGlyphRepresentation.