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ComputeMaterialInstanceResource Class Reference

#include <materialinstance.h>

Public Attributes

ResourcePtr< ComputeMaterialmComputeMaterial
 Property: "ComputeMaterial" source material. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from BaseMaterialInstanceResource
std::vector< ResourcePtr< UniformStruct > > mUniforms
 Property: "Uniforms" uniform structs to override. More...
std::vector< ResourcePtr< Sampler > > mSamplers
 Property: "Samplers" samplers that you're overriding. More...
std::vector< ResourcePtr< BufferBinding > > mBuffers
 Property: "Buffers" buffer bindings to override. More...


ComputeMaterialInstanceResource is the 'resource' or 'data' counterpart of ComputeMaterialInstance, intended to be used as fields in ComponentResources. The object must be passed to ComputeMaterialInstance's init() function.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ mComputeMaterial

ResourcePtr<ComputeMaterial> mComputeMaterial

Property: "ComputeMaterial" source material.